Monday, December 20, 2010

only in mexico, part 1 of many...

mexican road block


After school the other day we had an impromptu get together at the Hillers' house.  At some point it was time for Redding (Will's buddy) to go to his karate class down the street.  Will asked if he could go with him to watch.  So Will, Redding, Russell (another friend), and Mason (Redding's brother) all went down to karate class.  It's only a few doors down from the house so they were fine to go alone.

About 20 minutes later Mason returned.  We asked him where Russell and Will were.  He said, "They decided to join the class."  We didn't think much of it at the time.  A bit later we decided to get home and went to pick up Will on our way.  We arrived at the karate class expecting to find Will and Russel in the waiting room watching.

But, alas, there they were in the front and second rows participating with all the other kids. They were easy to spot in their street clothes amidst all the white karate outfits.   The instructor was giving them individual instruction and everything.  Here it seems, not only are waivers skipped, but parents aren't even necessary!


While in the hotel at the Mexico City airport, instead of asking kids not to ride on the luggage carts, the bellman insisted that Will and Alya ride all the way to our room.


This one doesn't need an explanation.


Women washing their clothes at the "lavenderos" or public sash basins.

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