Monday, December 6, 2010

Costa Rica

Finally, after being bumped off our morning flight from Guatemala, spending a cold rainy day in one of Guatemala City's hotels, being thrown up on in the shuttle bus, missing our ride to the rental house with Janan's family, etc..., we arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.  We caught a taxi to the house that our family had rented for the week.  The sunset above was the view from the balcony. 

Generally, we were not overwhelmed by the culture of Costa Rica, instead concluding that you come here (at least on the Pacific where we were) to see the animals.  And that we did.

a macaw, parrot


an Alya, one of the many monkey varieties

We couldn't miss the prerequisite zip-line through the jungle.  We all went except Janan's dad, who decided flying through the jungle at the mercy of these 4 crazy guys was not a good idea. We, however, had a great time.

Janan's brother Jeff, his wife and kids, our family, and Janan's mom.

way to go, Nana!

nephew Taylor, doing what he does best

Janan, Jeff, and the nieces, Amanda and Anna riding on the beach

aunt gretchen and alya

nana and poppa

entertainment from a Nicaraguan mariachi band

on our expedition through the reserve. 

tropical land crab


baby sloth

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