Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hiking, climbing in Charco del Ingenio

Not far from our house there is a botanical garden, called Charco del Ingenio.  It is preserved land for hiking, full moon festivals, picnicking, etc.  The top area is very desert like - many cactus, grasses, lizards, etc.  Through the middle is a gorge with a stream and some ponds.  It is full of large boulders and the kids love climbing down in there.  Tom has brought the climbing gear in a few times and set up some short routes for rock climbing too.  Below are some pictures from a couple of our recent treks.

Alya caught a fish who appeared to be stuck in this little pond.  She set it free in the stream of course.

the san miguel "county fair", la feria (more to come later)

The Schit & Fahrt?  Oh, no, it's the Schlitten Fahrt! Like many/ most rides here, seems to be a reject from Europe.

Alya gets 3 for 3 on the darts, and a lovely frog bank for her room.

Our favorite bar stand at the fair.  He makes an amazing Michelada.  See below.

Not sure what's in there, but it was tasty.  This is our friend, Sam.

So, if you win, you can choose a pink poodle or a bottle of tequila.  Something for everyone.

this one probably wouldn't fly in the US.
Step 1: stick your child in a deflated plastic ball

Step 2: a man hooks up a leaf blower, yes a leaf blower, and blows up the ball.
This is a loud process, note Will's ears.

Will, "That was the most awesome ride ever in the whole world."
What more can I say?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tom succumbs to Will and Alya's "need" for plastic glow in the dark stuff

Janan and Alya sit on the curb waiting for the action to start

gelado in the jardin

Streets were full, note the large "firework" display just left of the cathedral.  Eventually there was a man on top of this thing shaking it to get all the parts moving.  The buildings surrounding the square all had massive fireworks shooting off of them as well.  It was quite a spectacle.  We watched the main fireworks show from our house up on the hill.  There were so many people in the jardin that you could literally barely move.

Two hundred years ago, Allende and Hidalgo, two prominent revolutionaries from this area, come riding into town to launch Mexico's struggle for independence from Spain

a typical day

our wagon fits right in, barely
our street, revueltas

the nuns, "las monjas"
we can't get enough of this view from our porch - we see the city below, the mountains beyond, and all the amazing colors from the flowers, trees, birds, etc.  Our house is at about 7,000 ft elevation.  The city is at about 6,500 ft.

will and alya doing a little remodeling in the backyard

on our way to school one morning, behind the official car of mexico

the drive is a bit different than Chicago
once there, the kids play outside until the bell rings at 8:30.  

boys play some soccer before Maestro Ricky rings the bell (an actual bell)

Will & friends off to class 
Alya goes to class

Alya waits to greet Maestra Rocio
Alya and her classmates & maestra
Will getting some tips from veteran, Bo.  

enjoying "elote" after school

on our way down to the jardin

the light show on the paroquia, designed by a  visiting French artist.  This exhibit is accompanied with amazing music and depicts the Mexican revolution.  It is happening every night through the beginning of October to celebrate Mexico's bicentenario.

Monday, September 27, 2010

a parade & fireworks in san miguel

native indian traditional dress

tribes represented in parade

and the firework structure - all of the parts move, spin, catch on fire, fly off, etc...

and there it goes.

miraculously, we've yet to see anyone catch on fire

you can pretty much stand right next to it if you dare.  where's OSHA?