Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the san miguel "county fair", la feria (more to come later)

The Schit & Fahrt?  Oh, no, it's the Schlitten Fahrt! Like many/ most rides here, seems to be a reject from Europe.

Alya gets 3 for 3 on the darts, and a lovely frog bank for her room.

Our favorite bar stand at the fair.  He makes an amazing Michelada.  See below.

Not sure what's in there, but it was tasty.  This is our friend, Sam.

So, if you win, you can choose a pink poodle or a bottle of tequila.  Something for everyone.

this one probably wouldn't fly in the US.
Step 1: stick your child in a deflated plastic ball

Step 2: a man hooks up a leaf blower, yes a leaf blower, and blows up the ball.
This is a loud process, note Will's ears.

Will, "That was the most awesome ride ever in the whole world."
What more can I say?

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