Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day at New School

Well, we're back for another year and, frankly, we are super-excited!  At least Tom and Janan are.  And actually, the kids are having a good time so far, too.  Hardly a single mention of the C-word (Chicago, that is).

Yesterday, el 22 de Agosto, was the first day of school at their new school named "Naciones Unidas" (United Nations).  We are excited for them, as the school seems to have friendly and capable teachers, nice kids and families, an administration that seems to be on the ball.  And the facilities are great, too.  We know that this year they will really make great strides on their Spanish, as Will is the only non-Spanish speaking boy in his entire class, and Alya has one American friend in hers that she met down here last Spring, but that girl is fluent in Spanish and has lived in San Miguel for several years.  So both of them will certainly get more immersion this year.

Here are a few shots at the house just prior to heading to school:

Alya sporting her new uniform and looking good!

We are thrilled to have uniforms.  No more, "Mom!!!  Where's my.....?!?!?!"

Can you tell which one likes school more?

Daily line ups.  I love it!  Maybe we'll try it at home....

Will looking a little overwhelmed, but not for long...
Their first day went just fne, and best of all, they both came back saying that they actually had a good time!  Well, I'm not sure they actually SAID that in words, but they conveyed it in many ways, and there were no tears or tantrums!  We are proud of them and amazed at how quickly they adapt to change.  That was one of the important lessons we'd hope they'd learn by living abroad with us.  One of many!