Friday, September 14, 2012


This blog entry needs little introduction.  One glimpse of a poster advertising a Lucha Libre wrestling match as a Red Cross fundraiser was enough - we were in!  And the kids were eager to see the highly publicized battles between a host of characters with names like Electroshock, Mascarita Sagrada (bloody little mask), Mini Murder Clown, and Tarzan Lopez, just to name a few.

Some of the attractions on the promotional poster.
We hosted a little pre-match gathering out our house to get prepared for all the excitement, collected our tickets, and headed off to the exhibition hall...

Worth their weight in gold!  Well, about $3.50 actually.
Lucha masks for sale in the entrance.
The place was packed!  The Lucha Libre phenomenon is quite popular in Mexico, and this crowd was IN TO IT, shouting sexually charged insults at the villians despite the presence of children and practically getting euphoric when the heroes triumphed...

Fun for the whole family!
Will gets a ring-side seat!

One of the dastardly villains...

Crowd participation is highly encouraged...

...regardless of age or gender.

Some of the wrestlers were scary, bot this dude scared me the most.  Those shorts look painful.

Of course, no Lucha Libre match is taken seriously if at least a few midget wrestlers aren't involved.  Hence the names:  Octagonocito (little octagon) v. Mini Monster Clown.

Evil clowns.  Why not?

Midget hero doles out some justice to the corrupt referee....

... and delivers the coup-de-grace move to the delight of the entire crowd.

The evil challenger enters the ring for the headliner match and shows his appreciation to the crowd.

Just another entertaining little outing for the family here in San Miguel.  The fun never stops!