Monday, December 13, 2010

the circus is in town

So, we decided to take the kids.  Will brought his buddy Redding and Alya brought her friend Maisy.  We were six of maybe 50 people there.  It was sort of odd, but fun at the same time.

The animal acts were this one (camels, miniature horse, and a lama or two walking in circle) and a scantily clad woman with 5 black panthers.  We saw tigers, monkeys, and some other animals in cages in the big tent, but they didn't perform (all the better if you ask me - always a bit depressing).  Last year, when we were here for a couple weeks in the summer, they promoted the circus by driving a truck around with a tiger in the small cage attached to the back.  The bars were rather wide and they let everyone walk right up to it to see it.  It was totally nuts. 

The boys opted for popcorn at the intermission,

while the girls had mexican candy apples.  I think they are both drunk on sugar here.

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