Monday, December 6, 2010

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We are finally off to Guatemala, after getting our fill of old stone statues and the like at Tula.  

Kids dig TACA airlines because each seat has a screen that plays the cartoon network.  What could be better?

Tom ended up with all of our airplane food rejects. We called it "Tom's Tienda".

Goodbye large, sprawling, smoggy Mexico City...   

hello beautiful green countryside of Guatemala.

I really loved these colorful buses.  THey are all different - the owners decorate them as they please.

On our way in the water tax to our house on Lake Atitlan.  It was accessible only by boat, and some footpaths which we discovered later.

Their favorite place to ride.

finally there

The view from our dock.  Aldous Huxley is often quoted as calling Lake Atitlan one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, saying "it really is too much of a good thing."

view from our window
one of our roommates

and another, cuter, fuzzier roommate

she's thinking, "what is he wearing?!"

morning fishermen

One day, Will and Alya rescued hundreds of butterflies from the lake.  The visitors would rest on the bow of the kayak as their wings dried and then fly off.

docked for some cliff jumping

The walking paths behind our house.  We hiked to the nearest small village for some pie.

The kids drinking "atole",  a drink made of rice, sugar, spices, etc.  It varies from region.

The little 3-wheelers are called "Tuk tuks".  They all sound like they are on their last leg, but they managed to get us up a hill into town. 

always fun to see lots of peeping chicks


If it wasn't for our clothes, we'd fit right in...

an evening swim off the dock

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