Sunday, May 29, 2011

puppy update

5 of the 6, still at the Hensley's house
As a follow up to the "Big Surprise" from March, we've included a puppy picture.  They are super cute and all have been adopted by great families.  Paco & Abril, owners of Pipo (the father), took two, the Hensley's kept one, two other friends each took one, and we now have Taco.  The puppies all still see each other quite a bit.  They have puppy playdates - but we have to promise not to let Paco & Abril's Mexican friends find out - they would never hear the end of it.  (Generally speaking, puppy play dates, dog B&Bs, fancy pet beds, etc. are just not a part of the culture here.)

and...presenting Taco Red MacDonald

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