Monday, March 7, 2011

A Big Surprise

So, if you followed our post about our fabulous vacation on the beach in Troncones, you'll recall that we took "Indie", a pure-bred chocolate Lab, while her owners - our good friends, the Hensleys - were on a foray through the Yucatan peninsula.  Indie had gone into heat a few days before our arrival, and when we got there, a family sharing the resort had brought their lovable mutt Pipo, a former street dog from Guanajuato.  Pipo's owners - Paco & Abril Barona, now dear friends of ours - assured us that Pipo was too young to breed.  So we lowered our guard.  Not good.

Love birds (or dogs).
We really should have known better.  Turned out these two were like twenty-year-old Spring breakers.  And it also turns out that Pipo was definitely not too young to breed.  With predictable results:

So, long story short is that we will be dog owners once again.  It's been over 5 years since our great Dane, Lucy, died.  And although we'd wanted our next dog to be another Dane, we are excited to soon be the parents of a half Mexican - half Californian, gorgeous little puppy.  Will and Alya have only one disappointment:  we will NOT let them each have their own puppy.  One will be plenty.

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