Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday market

The tianguis del martes, or Tuesday market, happens all day every Tuesday.  Here you can get anything from a pet turtle to a new (well maybe not new) cable for your radio.  Fresh produce, juices, bootlegged movies (my favorite so far is "Está Lloviendo Hamburguesas" which translates to "It's Raining Hamburgers" and actually was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"), shoes, furniture, face cream, clothes pins, school supplies, etc.   It's sort of like Target, only everything seems slightly used and there are no returns.

When I first visited, I felt a sort of sensory overload paralysis.  I think it takes a few visits before you can actually do some shopping.  However, eating at the market seems not only possible right away, but highly recommended.  The smells and sights of the food vendors will either make you starving or nauseous.  For us it has been the former (the latter, nausea, usually hits Tom about 12 hours later.)

fried whole fish

fried fish fillets, with lettuce or cabbage (most likely the source for Tom's troubles later)

and more!

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